Growing up on the streets of New York, Skateboarding was a great form of getting around town. Moving to Orlando, Florida in 1995 was a great way to be in the sun and enjoy longboard riding. Choose your ride and go hit the streets!
We have a good time here at Orlando Longboards, But we take our work seriously. Longboarders have graciously rewarded us for our efforts by Putting us well on our way to being the Best Online Longboard Shop. We’ve won hundreds of longboarders hearts over with extraordinary customer service and personality. Sorry for bragging, but we are trying to impress you!
We live what we sell. We ride it, test it, study it, take naps with it, and ride it some more. Our goal is to be nothing short of the premier source of information for anything we sell, and we don’t sell anything we don’t know well.

We are a family owned business and take pride in taking care of our customers to the best of our ability.