February 24, 2017

Longboard Words(what do they mean?)

Carving is the technique of turning back and forth down a hill of making large turns and span the width of the street or hill. It forms a large S shape. Carving controls speed and is used as a fun way to go down the hill. Carving is an effective way to control the board and it is important to know when a rider goes down the hill.
The rider uses his longboard deck as a dance platform. Dancing longboards are usually longer than regular longboards, longer than 48”, but riders also perform dances on a shortboard. Dancing is also called board walking. Board walking is a series of steps done on the board. The rider moves around on the board in style. Samples of dancing on a board are pirouettes, cross steps etc.
Drafting is the technique used mostly by speed riders/boarders. A motor vehicle is driving in front of them on the road when riders are going downhill to minimize wind resistance. This increases the overall speed.
Drifting is the technique and movement to turn around corners in control when going downhill. Drifting reduces speed. The rider manipulates and balances the weight in order to achieve a balance between grip and slide throughout a corner. New riders might benefit to control their speed throughout the entire run when drifting.
Foot Braking
Foot Braking is the technique to slow down the rider by lifting the foot from the board and slowly placing it on the ground to slow down the ride before a corner, to reduce speed or to come to a complete stop. This is the first thing a rider needs to learn when longboarding in order to be safe on a longboard.
Goofy Stance 
Goofy stance refers to a rider who puts his or her left foot in the back and leads with the right foot. Most people lead with their left foot in the front, which is called regular stance. Neither is wrong. It is just a preference as being left or right handed.
Hard Wheel Sliding 
The rider uses harder wheels. Wheels with higher durometer typically above 90a. It is also called ‘technical’ sliding. The rider manipulates their body in order to perform aggressive but stylish slides. The harder wheels make slides easier to perform. Style and tricks are more important with this technique than speed.
Paddling is kicking off the ground with your foot in order to gain more speed.
Pre-drifting allows the rider to maintain more control by reducing a significant amount of speed before a very sharp turn.
Pumping is the act of propelling the longboard without pushing. A process of swerving and using your legs and arms to move your body weight on very precise, balanced, and rhythmical weight shifts. Pumping is a great skill to have on long distance pushes.
Pushing Mongo 
Most riders using their back foot to push, while their front foot remains on the longboard, but if a rider is pushing mongo he or she does the opposite. Riders prefer to use their front foot for pushing.
Regular Stance 
Most riders has a natural dominant stance and most riders ride regular stance: They are more comfortable using their left foot in the front while longboarding.
Shut Down Slide 
A technique of coming to a complete stop during your run. Which normally happens at the end of a ride or hill. In emergency situations, a shut down can be done while riding a high speeds. The rider should warn riders behind him/her before performing this method during high speeds as it is often dangerous for riders behind him/her.
Most often sliding is used to slow down or stop on a longboard. A rider is going sideways with his/her longboard as oppose to pointing downhill. It is a more effective way than air braking and foot braking. It effectivitly controls the speed when needed. The rider manipulates his/her weight placement upon the board in order to allow the wheels to (predictably) lose traction. Knowing how to slide properly is good to know when you start to keep you safe.
Soft Wheel Sliding 
Soft wheel sliding or a safe and controlled method while longboarding. It can be used as a method of slowing down the longboard or even stopping. Soft wheel sliding is beneficial to all forms of longboarding It is also referred to as “freeriding”. In soft wheel sliding, the rider manipulates the longboard to lose traction in order to perform stylish moves like a 180° or stand-up slide. Wheels are typically in the durometer range of 80a to 86a.
Stand-up Slides 
Stand up slides are power slides preformed standing up without placing hands on the ground.

February 2, 2017

Benefits of Longboarding

Basic longboarding is not nearly as physically demanding as running, making it an easy hobby to adopt if you're less physically fit. Longboarding also helps you develop better balance and coordination, mimicking the movement of a surfboard without the waves. Unlike traditional skateboarding, longboarding doesn't focus on fancy tricks but on propelling yourself down the sidewalk. As a result, the learning curve is somewhat faster than for standard skateboarding. While longboarding doesn't offer the same calorie-burning potential as running, it still burns 3.5 to 7 calories per minute, making it a moderate-level aerobic activity.

January 15, 2017

Longboard Bearings

An essential part of every longboard is the bearings.  Without bearings, a smooth and fast ride would not be possible.  What are bearings? Bearings are the balls that allow your wheels to spin on the axle.    Bearings can be made of either metal or ceramic.  Steel longboard bearings are the most popular, but ceramic bearings are said to be better quality, therefore making them more expensive.

Some bearings have an ABEC rating.  ABEC is the American standard for rating bearings.  This rating is not only applied to skateboard and longboard bearings, but to bearings in many different industries.  Bearings come in five different classes 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.  The higher the number, the greater the precision and speed.

You can take the ABEC rating however seriously you want  in longboarding. Many skateboarders and longboarders alike swear by bearings like Bones Reds.  These bearings are super affordable and have awesome quality.  Bones does not provide an ABEC rating for any of their bearings because they say that this standard does not hold up to the abuse taken in skateboarding and longboarding.  Yet, Bones are some of the best bearings you can buy.

December 20, 2016

5 Reasons you should Longboard!

1. Crappy days Just Arent That Crappy
If you’re stuck riding a surfboard made for “good” waves, chances are good that there are going to be a lot of days where you leave the water frustrated. “Good” waves aren’t all that common, for the most part. But on those days where the forecast reads 1-2 foot, you’re still stoked.

2. It’ll make you a better surfer.
Longboarding is a good way to figure out wave mechanics. Since everything is a little more drawn out, you need to predict what the wave is going to do sooner than you’d have to if you were riding a shortboard. Understanding what a wave is going to do down the line will inevitably help out when the waves get good enough to ride a shortboard again.

3. You’ll have more friends.
In a lot of places, shortboarders and longboarders tend to stick together. It’s not all that often you’ll see a group that includes both. But if you surf in the same place often enough, you’re going to start making friends with people out there. Riding a longboard makes it a little easier to talk to the older guys on them, and they’re the ones with the stories worth listening to.

4. You’ll get way more waves.
Everyone wants more waves. On a longboard, you get more waves. It’s that simple. Waves that you wouldn’t even consider paddling for on a shortboard become waves that you’re ridiculously excited about. Waves that you would have considered shitty are no longer shitty. Your wave count skyrockets, and you end up being a happier person.

5. Variety is the spice of life.
If you ate chicken every single day for the rest of your life, you’d get bored of chicken. Sure, you might get really good at eating chicken, but every now and then, a pork chop tastes pretty damn good. Longboarding and shortboarding are very different things, and learning something new will give you something else to get excited about.

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 December 1, 2016

Longboard Tips to remember when attempting tricks

Performing tricks on a longboard is not a difficult task at all and can be easily performed by every rider. Some of the most commonly tricks performed on this amazing sports equipment are Melon, Slides, Kickflip, etc.

A rider can easily learn these tricks and perform perfectly within little time but there are certain things which a rider needs to keep in mind before practicing such cool tricks. Let’s have a look at the useful longboard trick tips which will help the rider to perform tricks on a longboard without any harm.

  • A rider must wear the safety kit before stepping on the board in order to protect himself from major injuries in case of any accident. Every time a rider tries to learn a new trick he might fall from the board and injure himself. This is where safety kit comes into use as it ensures that a rider is not seriously injured.

Helmets, gloves, pads are some of the important safety gears which ensure the safety of various body parts. So, never forget to wear these safety gears before taking a ride on a board as without these gears there is always risk of serious trouble for the rider.

  • Correct your stance

Riders who are new to longboarding must correct their stance before performing tricks on a longboard. It might take weeks or even months to have a proper stance but once you adopt a proper stance longboarding becomes easy. There are two types of stances i.e. regular and goofy.

In regular stance, the left foot is forward in the direction where the rider is going and in goofy stance, the right foot is forward. Choose any stance but make sure you are comfortable in it as without proper stance you cannot ride comfortably which means performing tricks on a board becomes an impossible task.

  • Collect Knowledge On The Trick

Before practicing any trick make sure you are well aware with it. Try to collect as much information from the internet related to the trick as it will help you to perform it with ease. You Tube is the best source from where you can learn any trick.

Several riders, who are expert in performing tricks, upload their videos on this social site to help other riders to become expert in the tricks. So, don’t forget to search for the videos on You Tube as it will not only help you to perform the tricks with ease but will also help you to perform it safely.

  • Finally

These were some of the useful tips that will help the rider to perform difficult tricks with ease and full safety. Even if the rider fails to perform a trick on a longboard, these tips will make sure he doesn’t hurt himself and can give a one more try. So, do consider these tips if you want to become an expert in performing tricks on a longboard.


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In general you see 4 main riding styles, which are:

  • Cruising
  • Freestyle
  • Freeride
  • Downhill

Cruising is the activity some longboarders choose to start out with. You go ridin' around town, the campus, sidewalk or wherever you can find an empty parking lot to ride.  Whether its getting from A to B or just boarding as a  mode of transportation its all cruising, exercise, and fun!  Activities like dancing, carving, or a gentle and relaxed ride are part of the whole cruising experience.

Freestyle is more like skateboarding on a larger board. You get the stability of the larger board while still doing the tricks you see on skateboards. Lots of carving and lots of tricks and street skating or even in the skate park.

Freeride longboarding has some focus on downhill and street boarding but more in a recreational fashion (compared to downhill) and speed is not the goal. Its all about technical maneuvers, like hands down sliding and flipping, and typical done by intermediate to advanced longboarders.

Downhill is all about speed. Faster is better and racing is the main objective. Tricks is not what downhill skaters are after but they want to go as fast from start to finish as possible. Wear a Helmet!

The experience level needed for any of these styles will in general increase from cruising to downhill. Little experience is needed to start cruising around, yet technical maneuvers and riding fast down hill definitely requires some practice.

Each style of longboarding will be fun, so try and see what works best for you and what you really feel comfortable with.
Based on your style we can help to figure out which board will be best for you. Feel free to ask us which board is right for you :-)