What kind of workout can you get from landpaddling? Well, how does up to 600 calories of fat burning fun per hour sound?  The idea behind landpaddling is that it is fun and doesnt feel like a workout! While cruising the trail or neighborhood with the wind through your hair, hear is what you can expect:

  • Chest And Upper Body Workout And Tightening
  • Lower Back workout
  • Tricept And Arm Definition
  • Leg And Hamstring workout
  • Abs And Stomach Tightening And Flattening
Where else can you get a workout that gets you fun in the sun along with some serious results?

What We Recommend:

  • First 3 Weeks- Start with about 2 miles 3 days per week  at your own pace.
  • 4th and 5th weeks- work up to 6 miles 4 days per week at your own pace.
  • 6th week and beyond-  Go for 10 miles 5 days per week at your own pace.
At this point, you should already be dropping pounds daily and feeling motivated. Your shirts may start fitting differently in the upper arm and shoulder region due to definition building. 

KEEP THIS UP! Before you know it you will have a few friends who want to join you as they see results!

Happy paddling!!

Carving And Pumping On Your Longboard

You can burn solid calories daily by carving, cruising, and having fun just like in the video below. Check it out!